Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beautiful Thai Brides and Racism

Why do I bring this up? Because I get this ad [Or Russian, or Baltic, Or Chinese etc etc] On almost Every page I visit on the web here. I mentioned it to people here and even though They think it's odd, it actually happens. My host mother told me last night that there aren't so many here in Sunne, but there are a few that go to Thailand, find wives and bring them back. A little odd in my opinion, but, who am I to judge : o Oh, Right. A human being XD Either way. Another thing that's been kind of proding the back of my skull recently is that racism still exists here.

Not in the "Oh it's just because they're the backwards people from Arkansas" type of way either. I mean, practically my whole school is white, and the N-word is still applicable [Not that I've heard anyone say it with malice intended in the least bit] It's just really... Interesting I guess.

SO! Onto other things.
In School I can use any pages I want 8D There are no filters and the teacher doesn't come around to make sure you're doing your work and hover over your shoulder constantly. I know I'm going to a special school, but I really think that this is the way to go as far as schooling. The teachers actually Know what they're talking about, All of them, not just a few. Crazy right?

I made friends the first week I was at this school, and now I think I actually have a rather large amount of them, so I'm really hoping I can stay in Sunne, but, i guess that's up to fate! Basically I'm trying to write that I'm having a really good time, and once my computer stops giving me issues with uploading photos to facebook and stuff you'll see all of them :]


  1. Hey :) My name is Ailsa, and I was wondering if you would mind talking with me a little about choosing a country for a foreign exchange. my email address is

    thank you!!

  2. Hey!
    my name is Eva and I'm going to Sweden, too(as exchange stundent). But only next year. I like your blog and I hope you'll write another time from over there! Finally I found someone who's interested in this country, too! (hope you understand what I mean; I'm from germany.
    Greetings from a few miles away from you. :D