Friday, August 28, 2009


So, it's been about a week now, and this will be my first weekend at 'home'.
I know people say that it's difficult to say goodbye to family usually, but I only had about one day of 'butterflies' before I realized that I would see them in just a year! Not even! So what's the point of feeling anxious?
So, I went out to dinner with all the relatives, was pretty fun, good food :] Pictures of the party my Aunts and Uncles threw.
Then after the orientation in NY, where I met many cool people going to the same area-ish in Europe, we took off at 4pm-ish and landed in Arlanda at 7am, The volunteers were/are all very cool people who talked a little bit about what we were doing.

We stayed in some Gorgeous cabins for Friday [we weren't allowed to take naps :[ ] to Sunday afternoon, owned by a very tall, very.... interesting man who told us stories about the place and was very nice to all of us. Well, by Sunday I was exhausted from all the flirting I'd done with the hot Swedish volunteers [I Am joking...OR AM I!? DUN DUN DUUUUN. No really I'm just kidding, I only threatened to flirt... one of them happened to be very much my type XD ANYWAY] So, Sunday we took a bus from the camp into Stockholm, got off at the centre station there to ride a train into Karlstad where I was Supposed to switch trains, however, the local head volunteers were there to drive me :] So what would have been a two hour-ish trip that I would have had to change trains Again, turned into a very easy 45 minute drive in which I was informed about Sweden a lot. Needless to say, I basically ate dinner and crashed.

Which brings me to my host family!
There is Lotta, who is my host mother, the Doctor here in Sunne. One daughter is staying in Costa Rica,and her older son and daughter have already moved out from this house. Which leaves me, three cats, two dogs, and something like 15 horses or so. Oh, plus the guinea pigs, but they're scared of me XD

My first week was actually really fun, even though it's only been five days, and I've had Swedish lessons in the middle of the day [which requires walking a block or so to the other highschool in the middle of classes xD] I've already made [what I hope to be] friends in my class and am enrolled in Brobygrafiska, in the graphic design course.

The schools here, when compared with the US are just SO hugely different! I've been told there are about 500 students in this school and there are just six or seven in one of my classes, which I think is crazy cool. In school, we call the teachers by their first names and everyone seems to be on a friends basis with them. Mobiles, MP3players and etc are all Allowed On, in class as long as you're not being obnoxious with it. I think that has to be the biggest difference. There's RESPECT here, a lot of it for everyone. Different or not. Which is Why they can get away with less rules I think.

What else.. what else... well, the weather is rainy, which I don't mind, but I wish I had a small umbrella when it really randomly starts to pour.

I can't really think of much to actually talk about, but I will leave you with some pictures :]

Hej Do!


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