Monday, August 17, 2009

Leaving in three days :]

So, I'm finally up here in NJ. The flight was bordering disastrous. But, we got here in one piece, and the second flight from ATL to NWK was a little better. I apparently can't upload all the pictures to blogger, so they'll be on my facebook I guess.

It looks like a cave 8D
Anyway, when I got here we headed over to my aunt's [this is three days no sleep mind you] and there was a nice sized party waiting for us there. Jumped in the pool, hung out with some people, had some fun :]

Some people I didn't know, some family. We went back to the hotel and I passed out ;D Got a full ten hours sleep or so, the first time I've gone to sleep at 9:30 since I was six I think. XD. Anyway, spent the bulk of today with my Grandmother, and then saw my aunts and uncles for a last dinner with them I guess.
Anyway, I won't upload their pictures unless I get permission, because the next thing I'll be yelled at for putting up a 'bad picture' >/

Also, It's time to sleep!


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